Purcellville's Field of dreams

The 13-acre Fireman’s Field park is located in the heart of the Purcellville Historic District and contains the last remaining vestiges of “Dillon’s Woods,” the Town’s most significant remaining urban forest populated with trees ranging in size from small dogwoods to majestic centuries-old white oaks.

The park includes two baseball fields with the main one selected as the site of the Babe Ruth League World Series in 2013, the sixth time the youth baseball organization has chosen Purcellville as a World Series destination. Fireman's field is home to the Purcellville Cannons, a baseball organization who is part of the prestigious Valley Baseball League, which is NCAA Sanctioned and supported by Major League Baseball (MLB).
Today, Fireman’s Field park hosts numerous events, concerts, receptions, antique fairs, roller skating parties and is home to the annual Loudoun Grown Expo, Music and Arts Festival, Wine and Food Festival, and sports activities. The Fireman’s Field property is listed on the state and national registers of historic places.

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Bush Tabernacle Regular Hours:

Mon 10AM - 8PM | Tues - Thur: 10:00AM - 8:00PM | Fri: 10:00AM - 9:00PM | Sat - Sun: 10:00AM - 8:00PM

*Hours may change due to private rentals


General Admission: $2

Skating (with/without own skates): $4

Skating and Toddler Scooter substitute (5 years old and younger): $4

Hoverboards (must be at least 8 years old and between 50lbs - 200 lbs): $10/hour


The Historic Bush Tabernacle Skating Rink at Fireman’s Field is a unique eight-sided structure that was once the largest building in Loudoun County until the construction of Dulles Airport in 1962.  A true landmark of Purcellville that has been serving the community at all ages for over a century.

The Bush Tabernacle has been Purcellville's hub for events and recreation.  The Bush Tabernacle hosts a number of community and private events ranging from trades shows to birthday parties.  Book your reservation below!


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More Historical Info:

The first gatherings held on the location of the Bush Tabernacle and Dillon’s Woods were temperance rallies, called bush meetings, organized by the Good Templars of Loudoun County. A one day event was organized in June 1877 in which the Good Templars of Loudoun County hosted a Temperance Picnic featuring speakers, food and music.

In 1878, the Grand Temperance Bush Meeting was created an annual, three-day event held in Dillon’s Woods; where sermons and lectures were given on a platform constructed for the event. People would come to Purcellville through the train station from Washington, DC, to hear the prominent speakers, while the Good Templars would be dressed in their regalia and a parade would walk the crowds from the train station to Dillion’s Woods.

In 1903, The Bush Tabernacle was constructed with a roof, sliding doors, wooden benches and a dirt floor to host meetings and events, while maximizing capacity. The Bush Tabernacle was a place where people discussed and supported prohibition, gathered for social and religious events, lectures and even adult summer camps, known as Chautauqua’s.

The Bush Tabernacle and grounds saw many changes in the years to follow. According to Northern Virginia History Notes, in 1937, the complex was used as fair grounds for the Loudoun County 4-H Club. The Purcellville Volunteer Fire Department started using the complex in 1939 to host a carnival and ended up purchasing the property with community funding in January of 1947. They wanted to create a recreation area for local youth to keep them engaged through community activities.

The name, “Fireman’s Community Center” was the submission to a contest to name the facility and was submitted by Mrs. James A. Cummings. The Tabernacle was used for dances, roller skating (once the floor was installed in or around 1936) and beauty pageants.

The Town of Purcellville purchased the entire complex from the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Department in 2008 and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places effective May 28, 2010.

Since 1878, the grounds of the Bush Tabernacle and Dillion’s Woods have been a place for the community to gather to meet neighbors, socialize, participate in educational, cultural and religious events, and discuss political policy that would impact Loudoun County and the growing nation.

For more information on the history of the Bush Tabernacle, please visit http://www.novahistory.org/Purcellville_Rink/Purcellville_Roller_Rink.html. This site was used for he research for this content.


History of the purcellville cannons

The Purcellville Cannons have a history as rich as the league. The Cannons baseball organization is part of the prestigious Valley Baseball League, which is NCAA Sanctioned and supported by Major League Baseball (MLB). The Cannons are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The Valley Baseball League was founded in May of 1897, in Edinburg, Va. as a Class D minor league. Today, the league is a member of the National Alliance of Collegiate Summer Baseball (a national affiliation of 13 college summer leagues). Although the NCAA no longer has direct involvement with summer leagues, the league still operates under NCAA rules. The league is partially funded by a grant from Major League Baseball.

The Cannons team is comprised of collegiate players from all over the United States recruited specifically through college coaches and major league scouts. The Valley Baseball League has been named one of the top in the country by Baseball America. With hundreds of player inquiries each season, the Valley Baseball League has just over 300 roster spots for top college baseball players. With limited roster opportunities, it is a privilege to play in this league. To be recruited as a potential Cannon’s team member, a recruit must be in good academic standing, and recommended by a college coach or a major league scout. This means that our community gets the opportunity to view baseball at the next level, with games being attended by College Scouts and Major League Scouts, as these are the players that will use the Valley Baseball League as their Gateway to the Majors.

Individual Adult Tickets: $5, Seniors (65+) Tickets for $3, and Child (12 & under) Tickets for $2 are available at the gate. A season ticket is the best value and gets you into every home game, during the regular season. Children wearing any Little League uniform are admitted free with one paying adult.