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Keep posted for Programming calendar updates!

Rates + Packages

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BodyWeight Bootcamp

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:50-10:30am

$10 per session

Don't let the word Bootcamp scare you!  In this class, we will use our bodyweight to build a strong body, focusing on core-initiated movements. Each class will be different.  We will use the entire body from start to finish including  squats, lunges, planks,etc. with cardio bursts to get the heart pumping!  We will end with a quick stretch and you will leave feeling invigorated and strong! 

What you need for class:  Water and willingness to try new things!



Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays  9:50 - 10:30am

$10 per session

This class will encompass some vinyasa flow sequences as well as some deep stretch. We will focus on using out breath to power us through the poses.   Whether you are a novice or seasoned yogi, you will find power in the flow and leave with a calmness for the rest of your day.

What you need for class:  A mat, water and towel (optional).



Monday, Wednesday and Friday  9:00 - 9:45am

$10 per session

Women's 45 Minute class

  • Functional movements: to help with everyday chores and normal body kinetics
  • Strength and muscle definition: for feeling and looking good
  • Stretching: to improve flexibility

This class requires work with mostly body weight and later on resistance bands might be added. Very kid friendly: leave your kid(s) in designated area or use them as added weight for resistance work.


Toddler Days

Monday - Friday 10:30 am to 12 pm

Each day we will do circle time, a guided activity or lesson, & open play time. 

Monday is process art day
Tuesday is gross motor skills day
Wednesday is craft day
Thursday is fine motor/ small object play
Friday is trike day and free play. We will not be doing circle time on Fridays, feel free to bring your trike or scooter. We have limited supply available.

The admission is $5 for first child, $3 each additional child & children under 1 are free. Please pay & sign waiver upon arrival. 

Parent/Gaurdian MUST be present during entire activity time

Snacks & drinks are available for purchase at concessions.


Instructor bio


FRAN IMOH - Fitness

"I am Fran Imoh – a mom of two toddlers who has gotten my way back in shape by living a healthy lifestyle and staying happy. I’m part of the fitness team here at the Bush Tabernacle to show you how you can too! With a Master’s degree in Athletic Training and a certification in Corrective Exercise, I can either kick your rear into shape with high intensity workouts or help you get back to exercising with easy functional exercises and stretching by always keeping the daily demands of your life in mind."


Melissa Beaver - Fitness and Yoga

"I am thrilled to be part of the Bush Tabernacle team, kicking off the fitness programs at the Fireman’s Field Complex in Purcellville! My goal is to make fitness fun so you don’t realize how hard you are working! I have had a love of all things fitness for many years and have been actively teaching and training for 7 years.   I have certifications in Group Fitness, Barre, Mat Pilates, Sunrise Yoga (AFFA), PiYo (athletic approach to yoga and Pilates) HITT and Zumba.  As you can see, I love it all!  I also work with young athletes on core strength and flexibility.  I am passionate about empowering people to become stronger inside and out!"


JUNE RUSSET - Toddler Activity

"I have been in childcare in some form or another since 2004. I have a degree in graphic design & paints in her spare time ( www.junejewell.com ), but always gravitate back to working with children. I have been staying home with my toddler son, Calvin. We’ve been doing play dates with peers, but not really interacting much with older or younger children. When the opportunity came up to run Toddler Days at Bush Tabernacle, I jumped at the chance. Being able to sing, dance, read, do art, & play with children of different ages & getting to be with her son, win/win!"